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Interview "creating values in the real estate sector" conducted by the daily [Video]

7:30 in the morning, Cala del Tango in Javea. We meet with the commercial director of the agencia inmobiliaria MORAGUES PONS, Carlos Moragues. Without understanding very well because do an interview to these hours and out of their offices, soon understand that the dawn was the reason. An amazing Sunrise, Carlos assures us that every day is different.

After see the dawn and talk a few minutes, started with the interview. As we know, Moragues Pons is a real estate recognized and with a long-haul in Xàbia offering guarantees and professionalism in all its services. Transparency, honesty, seriousness and proximity are those factors that it describes.

Carlos says they have recently done a restiling of its image, under the same management and team of professionals, becomes Moragues Pons Mediterranean Houses. This change is due, as we said, they want to "put aside Ibizan style of straight lines, neutral colors, white houses and characterless", into the Mediterranean from Javea, ' create a new concept where we merge traditional and new", in this way"is an increasingly established as Moragues Ponsbrand identity".

Next to this corporate image change, they have updated their website, , which offers, in several languages, different services to customers, from sales, rentals and new construction projects, as well as their social networking profiles, which says "our intention is not to sell on social networks, it is closer to the people"

By what we saw, they seek excellence in what they do. Carlos Moragues said that provide and offer a great experience, seriousness and professionalism at the time of make all them steps and procedures necessary to carry to out the operation. "We know that buying a home is not something that is done every day, rather, is usually done at most two or three times in life, so we are aware that it is a very important decision for each customer and want that buyer and seller are satisfied of our work."

Moragues Pons Mediterranean Houses study everything in detail so that the operation to be carried out with customers is feasible and the objective is not only getting a good price for the property, "behind it, there are many issues to take into account so that the purchase is viable and we believe there is to rely on the professionalism and the experience of people who are dedicated to this" ", to not have any surprise or bad experience after it buys in the notary"

To the talk of new projects, us is the has of the enthusiasm that we transmitted and is that in Moragues Pons also suffered them times of crisis, of which learned "to start again, work hard and enhance our points strong and work in them deficiencies", remarked Carlos. "Thanks to the crisis, we create a real estate Department and today we are one of the most recognized agencies of Javea, thanks to the perseverance and hard work. "Don't leave anything to the improvisation", said the director commercial.

As Moragues, when came the crisis, people blamed to the estate, due to the assessments performed, "we think that the crisis was not guilt of anyone and at the same time, that made us much damage to real estate agents and we believe that it is the reason why even many customers try to dispense with agencies ", believing that is van save that dreaded Commission" also says, "even today day there are people that not valued our work, our time, and that is something in what any professional of the sector should work, rating your own time and mostly create value to the customer"

Ending the interview, us is the has of that the Sun already has uploaded it enough, see people in your walk morning and our stomachs us ask food, collect the team and us are going to breakfast with it feeling of that Moragues Pons Mediterranean Houses is a company Maverick and working, as us pointed "each day us demand more to achieve our objectives and differentiate us of our competition".

Interview conducted by the digital daily:

We leave the trailer here, remember that you can see the interview "Creating values in real estate" on January 12 in your social networks

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