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How to choose with which real estate agency sell my house?

If you give yourself to send photos of your property to the real estate agent and agree to it, I advise you that you descartes to such real estate, it is not professional. Said this, also is important work with an agency that has to trade qualified and that form part of the school official of agents of the property real estate (API) of your community autonomous.  The reason is because the sale of your property, is an of them decisions financial more important of your life and you advise that not leave this responsibility to any person or intermediary that not be a professional of the sector.

On the other hand to it best not you has stopped to think what implies market a housing and in a first time think that simply is put a poster of "is sold" in the door of your property or publish it in any portal real estate free and wait that you call. Actually have time to address, to filter and selection to customers? You have time of organize the visits and teach the property? You know write a contract legal? Can you be sure that the potential buyer is solvent? Etc.

But they serve us any real estate agency to sell our House? You offer below four points that you van to help to choose to an agent "to your measurement", "your advisor":

1-the first print. Is very important us them agents say interest in it housing, that are to the service of you them owners, answering full-time always your post, inform you of all them news of yours housing, that all them workers of it real estate know it property, that work in team for close the sale with security and in the less time possible, that you explain with certainty in that is our management of them contracts and conditions of buy and sale...

2-comprehensive service.  Not only does lack that teach your House. It is much more: we have that rating or price housing (and know how to do it), get to know the legal issues, make frequent market studies to check the price for your property, having knowledge of photography to make a good story high photography or if have a professional photographer, must be able to analyze how are visits to the property for sale , and must have access both to its own website and to other websites or advertising space.

3-marketing tools. Obviously won't reveal which are which we use at Moragues Pons Mediterranean Houses, but it is very important that when the real estate professional visits your home, be the one who explain you that it will do to sell your home. I advise you that if you see that makes a photo to a dark room or it does not drop the lid of the toilet, you dismiss their services, they are small symptoms of which that person is not very professional. You have to assess how much these provisions to pay for the professionalism.

4-is expensive or is cheap? The fees of the agent not says nothing of the quality. Not the most expensive is the best, not the cheapest worst. But it is worth the effort and the result. For example, it agency that you gives a valuation more high of your House, perhaps only is trying to capture customers new, seducing you with a price of sale more high. On the other hand, advertising to promote a property costs money, just like the small investment for the improvement of your home and in general is real estate agent who pays it and this is reflected in their fees. Of course, there are other important questions which we could take into account and make us before choosing which real estate agency will be responsible for selling our home:

Works of way transparent answering always to your questions? would is an agency with years of experience in the sector? would known well the area or town where is your housing? is associated with other agencies, with a brand known, with a Federation of agencies real estate? Do you use commercial actions for your own company?

The set of responses to these points will help you to make the right decision with which Agency collaborate. If you collaborate with a professional you can and you have to be demand from us on what you expect from us. If you choose the right professional, we can be the difference between selling or not selling.

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