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MORAGUESPONS Mediterranean Houses has vast experience in Javea´s real-estate sector and its´ surroundings. Our purpose is NOT to have satisfied clients but to give them what they want. We are a services company, and as such must keep our clients satisfied, but we are aware that it is not enough, that is not our final objective. We go the extra mile.

 Our real estate advisers are able to obtain all the relevant information we need so as to offer the best houses on the market. We obtain the highest yield from our loyal client´s capital or estate and they know that our team of managers have been taking care of their investments for years.

Thanks to our technical team, who practically update our offer on a daily basis, we can offer the best design in both new construction or renovation of second hand estates using the latest developments on the market. In order to keep creative, we work in teams and carefully listen to your clients concerns so as to provide the best interior design solutions for your new home on the Costa Blanca.

We are faithful to our origins. We have continued with our family business, which was born and raised in Javea, we continue to be approachable and transparent and of course we wish to continue working for our clients, who have also decided to live in our town.

One of our core values, which leads many clients to choose to buy and sell their house with MORAGUESPONS Mediterranean Houses, is that we focus on getting the best house and the best client, so that both buyer and seller are happy and convinced when the acquisition process is concluded. We strive to keep it this way and stay true to our core business values.

Honesty with our clients and those we work with hand in hand is always essential to reach our goal, which is nothing less than true trust with those who try out our services. As real-estate advisors our job is to always fulfill our clients wishes and requirements, and so it must be, so as to not waste our clients time. We do NOT want to waste the time of those who choose to hire our real-estate services because we do not like wasting time ourselves. This is why at MORAGUESPONS Mediterranean Houses we guarantee that, if selling, you will receive clients who are truly interested in your property and if buying, you will see properties that are truly interesting for you, avoiding inadequate visits and estates that are not valuable to you.

Choosing our family business to sell or buy real-estate is a guarantee. We guarantee you will achieve your goal and we guarantee that you will be happy, otherwise we will not carry out the transaction.

Last but not least, we would like to invite you to visit our section on Javea, so that you can see what awaits you in this little paradise on the Mediterranean enclosed by the capes of La Nao and San Antonio.

We recommend you watch “Creating Values in the Real-Estate Sector” where the digital newspaper interviews Carlos Moragues, MORAGUESPONS Mediterranean Houses´ sales manager.

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